Training Guidelines

  1. Consult your GP, if you have any doubts, stating your intentions before commencing your training.
  2. Start off slowly and cautiously. You may be intending to walk or jog your way around the marathon so be prepared to walk or jog during training. Vary your running surface.
  3. On long runs drink water before you run, and sip water during the run.
  4. Eat a well balanced sensible diet. Increase the carbohydrate content with rice, pasta, bread and potatoes.
  5. Wear the right shoes for you. Go to a runners shop and seek advice. By the time of the marathon you need a pair of comfortable shoes that are not worn out.
  6. Wear a kit that is comfortable. Don’t wear it from new – wear it/wash it before you run in it. If your nipples rub use plasters or Vaseline.
  7. If you pick up an injury then stop. RICE! Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Don’t start back too early with your training

Possible runs around New Plymouth