Health & Safety


  • The marathon course follows many scenic roads.  These roads have open speed limits ranging from 50km/h to 100km/h and often have heavy vehicles on them.
  • The roads you follow are NOT closed and you must give way to all traffic.
  • Please run/walk on the right hand shoulder of the road, unless otherwise directed by a race official or marshal.
  • Part of our compliance agreement with Transit NZ is that all competitors run/walk in single file on State Highway 3 and 3A unless passing another competitor.  Failure to comply will mean your number will be withdrawn from prize draws.
  • When competitors leave Richmond Road you will be directed across the south-bound lane of State Highway 3.  You will then run/walk for some 300-400 metres up the coned-off centre lane.  As you approach the top of the rise you will be directed across the north-bound lane intoRaleigh Street.
  • All major intersections will have marshals in place. Please follow their instructions at all times.
  • For safety reasons, forms of wheeled conveyance (roller blades, skateboards, prams, baby buggies and the like) cannot be used.
  • Walkers:  You will be starting the event at 6.30am in the DARK. You are required to wear suitable reflective gear. Walkers are encouraged to consider the use of miner type headlamps during the first hour of their event.
  •  Supporters are not permitted to drive or cycle alongside competitors.  Such action will be considered outside help.
  •  Only officials’ cars will be allowed on Bedford Road, in Inglewood on Standish Street between Carrington and Humphries streets (half-way changeover), on Richmond Road from Kairau Road to State Highway 3 and on Raleigh Street, Brixton. Supporters will be unable to follow competitors on these sections of the course.
  • Race supporters will be directed via an alternate sign-posted route from the intersection of Richmond and Kairau Roads (near the 36km mark) into Waitara.  They will reconnect with the race course at the corner of High Street West/Browne Street (near the 41km mark).