Shoe Clinic Half Marathon Course

The Shoe Clinic Half marathon course starts at Inglewood and follows the second half of the Bayleys Marathon to the finish in Marine Park, Waitara

Start times

  • Shoe Clinic Half Marathon competitors
    • Runners: 9:30am
    • Walkers: 9:40am

Note: Dependent on entry numbers the runners may be split into multiple waves to start – This will be confirmed in the final week before the event when nearly all entries are received.

Basic Course Map

Directions / Notes

  • 0 km from start head west on Humphries St towards Mountain Rd/State Highway 3A
  • 0.12 km     Turn right onto Mountain Rd/State Highway 3A
  • 4.31 km     Water and toilets
  • 9.53 km     Water
  • 10.46 km   Turn right onto Manutahi Rd
  • 11.68 km   Turn left onto Richmond Rd destination will be on the right
  • 11.71 km   Head north on Richmond Rd toward Smith St
  • 11.85 km   Water and toilets
  • 16.82 km   Water and toilets
  • 16.93 km   Turn right onto Devon Rd/State Highway 3
  • 17.69 km   Turn left onto Raleigh St
  • 18.1 km    Northeast head northeast on Raleigh St toward Johnston St
  • 19.14 km   Water
  • 19.54 km   West continue straight onto High St West
  • 19.98 km  Turn left onto Broadway destination will be on the right
  • 19.98 km  Head northwest on Broadway toward Pratt St
  • 20.98 km   Head west on Battiscombe Tce
  • 21.07 km   Slight right destination will be on the left
  • 21.18 km   Finish line