Bayleys Marathon Course

Simple description

The Bayleys Marathon starts at the gates to Egmont National Park, 460m above sea level, running down Egmont Road through the green dairy pastures of Taranaki to finish at the Surf in Waitara.

After 6km there is a gradual climb along Bedford Road, for 5 km before resuming the descent all the way to the sea.

Start times

  • Bayleys Marathon & Marathon Relay competitors
    • Walkers: 6:30am
    • Runners: 7:30am

Note: Any slower runners (over 5 hrs 30 minutes) who wish to start with the walkers should contact the Race Director, Kelvin McDowell or phone 027620 0323.

Marathon and Marathon relay start notes

  • No vehicles will be permitted past Kaimiro Hall (4km from start) after 7.30am.
  • Competitors and supporters travelling up Egmont Road to the start line must take extreme care as walkers will be coming down this section of the road.
  • Parking is not permitted around the start area.  Please note any vehicle travelling to the start will be directed into a farm paddock (which is often boggy) approximately 400 metres from the start and will be required to remain there until after ALL competitors have left.  Race organisers will accept no responsibility for any vehicle which gets stuck in this paddock. The road must be clear for the competitors at all times.

Basic Course Map

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Directions / Notes

  • 0 km Start, Gates of Egmont National Park – Head northeast on Egmont Rd toward Peters Rd
  • 3.85 kmTurn right onto Lepper Road Upper
  • 4.04 km Water
  • 6.24 km Head southwest on Lepper Road Upper toward Upland Rd
  • 6.24 km Turn left onto Bedford Rd
  • 8.98 km Water & Bathroom
  • 9.08 km Turn left onto Dudley Road Upper
  • 9.15 km Turn right onto Bedford Rd Destination will be on the right
  • 10.15 km Head southeast on Bedford Rd toward Durham Rd
  • 11.96 km Turn left onto Durham Rd
  • 14.15 km Water
  • 16.16 km Turn left onto Mountain Rd/State Highway 3
  • 16.17 km Head northwest on Mountain Rd/State Highway 3 toward Durham Road Lower Continue to follow State Highway 3
  • 19.06 km Turn right onto Standish St
  • 19.13 km Turn right to stay on Standish St Destination will be on the left
  • 19.25 km Water
  • 19.39 km Head north on Standish St toward Rata St
  • 19.53 km Turn right onto Rata St
  • 19.99 km Continue onto Tarata Rd
  • 20.02 km Head west on Tarata Rd
  • 20.06 km Continue onto Rata St
  • 20.52 km Turn right onto Standish St
  • 20.91 km Water & Bathroom
  • 21.03 km Turn left onto Humphries St
  • 21.14 km Turn right onto Mountain Rd/State Highway 3A
  • 25.16 km Water & Bathroom
  • 30.04 km Water
  • 31.48 km Turn right onto Manutahi Rd
  • 32.7 km Turn left onto Richmond Rd Destination will be on the right
  • 32.72 km Head north on Richmond Rd toward Smith St
  • 32.85 km Water & Bathroom
  • 37.78 km Water & Bathroom
  • 37.95 km Turn right onto Devon Rd/State Highway 3
  • 38.71 km Turn left onto Raleigh St
  • 39.12 km Head northeast on Raleigh St toward Johnston St
  • 40.19 km Water
  • 40.56 km Continue straight onto High St West
  • 40.99 km Turn left onto Broadway Destination will be on the right
  • 41 km Head northwest on Broadway toward Pratt St
  • 42 km Head west on Battiscombe Tce
  • 42.09 km Slight right Destination will be on the left
  • 42.19 km Finish